March 21, 2019

Ceramic Cove

A paint your own pottery studio

located in the Water Street Market & Bakery, Pictou


Our price of each piece includes everything needed to complete your project. Paint, brushes, stamps, stencils, glazing, firing & taxes. Prices from $7.    When you complete your painting, we fired it in our kiln. Pickup completed piece in 7 days.

 some of our BISQUE products.


SAMPLES:  bisque & completed items


Some of the over 500 different ceramic pieces you can select from…  SALE pricing on many items through out the month, drop in to see what’s on SPECIAL this week!!


AND  some completed items :

 Roxanne the dragon  .. the metalic gold is an extra add-on .. after the finial firing.

 old fashion design with plastic “bulbs” and a single light (electric) inside.  The SNOW is an extra add=on .. after the finial firing.