Welcome to the Cafe!

We have everything you need to keep your belly warm and full! Yummy soups, and sandwiches. Delicious fish and chips!!! Fresh ground coffee every time! And do much more.....

What's on the Menu

2 Egg Breakfast, coffee or tea included (Bacon, ham or sausage, 2 eggs, 2 toast) $9.00
2 Egg Omelet, coffee or tea included (onion, green peppers, cheese, 1 meat, 2 toast) $9.00
1 Egg Breakfast, coffee or tea included (Bacon, ham or sausage, 1 egg, 1 toast) $8.00
Bauernfrustuck (farmers skillet) coffee or tea included (eggs, potatoes, oniions, cheese, 1 meat, 1 toast) $9.00
Breakfast Bagel $4.50
Soup w/ biscuit $5.00
Soup and sandwich daily deals $10.00
Club and Fries $10.25
Grilled Chicken sandwich (tomato, lettuce, chicken, mozza)  $5.50
Roast Beef Sub (Marinade beef, melted mozza) toasted $5.50
Chicken Panini (roasted red pepper, chicken, onions, mozza, red sauce) grilled $5.95
Veggie Panini ( mozza, tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, zucchini, italian dressing) grilled $5.75
Grilled Cheese $4.50
BLT $5.00
Chicken Salad or Egg salad sandwich $4.50
Fish and Chips (1 piece) $9.00
Fish and Chips (2 piece) $13.00
Nachos w/cheese and veggies $10.50
Poutine w/cheese curds $6.75
Fries or Onion rings $3.75